mood lighting

Mood lighting and how to achieve it! by Madeleine Roff

Every day we need different lighting; from night to day, from working to relaxing, and everything in between. So we're here to give you some advice on how to create different moods of lighting in the home!


Let’s be honest, when you’re hosting you’ll have spent the day cleaning and tidying the house from top to bottom – you want your home looking it’s best. So why not show off the artwork in your hallway, or the family photos in the living room, and lighting is the perfect way to do this. Uplighting can highlight areas of a room… or perhaps darken the corner you didn’t get round to cleaning!


Think of a home where you feel relaxed, perhaps sitting on a sofa with a cup of tea, the room feels warm and calm – and that’s exactly what your lighting should create. Warm lightbulbs and pendants rather than bright white spotlights is what you need to achieve this mood. 


Natural lighting is perfect for being productive, or if you can’t have that, you want lighting that will mimic this as close as possible. In terms of colours, lighting that’s neutral is best and you need to make sure the lighting isn’t distracting to lose your focus.


A romantic night in shouts low level lighting with warm shades, perhaps even candles if you’re feeling extra romantic! You’ll want to avoid harsh and bright lights to ensure there’s a feeling of relaxation. 

Lift your mood

Everybody has days where they’re feeling under the weather, especially when it’s grey and drizzly outside. So what should you do? Lamps and lights that emulate daylight are perfect, and if you can get your hands on a light therapy lamp then that’s even better!

Do you have any other lighting moods you'd like advice achieving? Comment below or get in touch!