Why should I get a bespoke light designed? by Madeleine Roff

A lot of people don’t understand the true benefits and advantages of having a light designed, so we’re here to give some understanding!

Lighting designers will make you a bespoke piece that nobody else will have. Who wouldn’t want that?! The designer will be able to choose the best size, material, and style depending on the room and space making it perfect for you.

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Designers have a lot of knowledge and a creative eye, meaning they’ll be able to achieve whatever your aim, whether it be an eco-friendly or energy saving light, to illuminating certain aspects of a room, or to have the latest technology. Although high street shops may have staff instore to advise, lighting designers will have very in-depth and rich knowledge around the design aspect which is key.

In terms of investment, it may cost more than a light from a high street store, however the quality of materials and longevity will likely be greater in a bespoke piece. Also, if you choose to sell your house at any point, lighting is a key influence when potential buyers view a property, so you want the lighting to be maximised… even if you’re planning on taking the light with you!

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There’s often something missing or not quite right when you buy a light from a high street store and fit it in your home, but that can be avoided when you are a part of the design process. Also, with the knowledge of the designer they will be able to hear exactly what you want and can then achieve it.

Within BPL, Ben has gained a diploma in Interior Design from the National Design Academy, which led him to specialise in lighting design. Jackie also studied Interior Design at the NDA as well as Point of Sale Design and Graphics at College. Ben is a fully qualified electrician as is Luke so if you chose BPL we could not only design the light, but also fit it – we’re a one stop shop!

If you are interested in finding out more, get in touch with the team and we can chat through the process and answer any questions you may have. 

Are you thinking smart? by Madeleine Roff

First things first, what actually is smart lighting? It is lighting that can be controlled by an app, via Wi-Fi, usually on a smartphone or tablet.

Smart lighting is a fairly new system, and one that has lots of benefits which we’ll look into below…

What are the benefits of smart lighting?

1)    Fewer wires

All the lighting is connected to one place and controlled via an app; so just a couple of buttons and not lots of switches!

2)    Reducing costs

Although there is an initial cost, as there is with any electrical work, in the long run smart lighting could actually save you money. It’s an efficient system that allows you to turn your lights on and off so simply, even when you’re not in the house, it could reduce your electrical consumption.

3)    Homeowner safety

Lots of people leave lights on when they’re away or out for the evening as a safety precaution. However, with smart lighting you can turn the lights on and off as much as you like and at times that reflect the time of day.

4)    Eco-friendly

By allowing such precise control over the lighting in the home, you can see which lights you’ve left on just by looking at your phone, and you can turn them off with the hit of a button. This makes smart lighting a great choice for homeowners who want to be eco-friendly.

5)    Complete control

Not only do you have complete control of which rooms have lights on, you also have control over the colours of the lights – you’re able to create different moods in different rooms.

Hopefully this blog has explained the basics of smart lighting… there’s a lot more to it though! If you’d like to find out more about smart lighting and if it’s the right option for you, get in touch and we can help advise and give you some more information.