5 quick questions with Ben! / by Madeleine Roff

1)   What made you start your career in lighting?

It all began when I was approached to completely redesign the lighting for a church hall. I’d never done anything like that before but gave the design a lot of thought, fitted it, and then the best part came… when they saw the lighting design fitted. Their faces absolutely lit up and it made me realise that by transforming their lighting, it had created enjoyment and it genuinely made a difference to them. That’s what got me into it, and why I continue to do what I do. 

2)   Is there a particular style of lighting that you love?

There isn’t one favourite style I have, but I do love working on modern and contemporary designs. Saying that, I love the challenge of an older, Edwardian or Victorian house and mixing the elements of old with new – that can be really interesting to do in terms of designing. 

Ben Palmer Lighting Limited - 004.jpg

3)   Which lighting features do you like working with?

A favourite of mine has to be highlighting specific parts of a room, such as paintings and bare brick chimney breasts. I love how these elements can be brought to life by lighting, it really can transform a room!

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4)   What is the best part of creating a lighting design?

It’s got to be when it’s completed and you see the expression on the customers faces – that’s what it’s all about. It’s also a great part for me as I spend a long time designing and working on each lighting design so to see the completed product is always rewarding. 

5)   What’s a benefit of having a lighting design?

A lighting design can completely transform a room by creating different scenes. It also lights up the space much better than a standard pendant would and it’s more efficient. There are so many more benefits, but that’s just a few of the top reasons. Our previous blog tells you some of the other benefits too!

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting behind the scenes and hearing from our designer himself. If you’re interested in chatting about a lighting design for your home, then get in touch and speak with Ben today!